Debate is a communication tool that promotes understanding among people with different opinions and different cultural backgrounds. We organise, support and take part in international programmes that aim to create a meaningful dialogue and strong ties between youth from different countries.We also implement the mixed teams model where youth from different countries take part in tournaments as team-mates. Through the process of building their argumentation in a diverse setting our participants discover more about their peers’ home countries and realise what they have in common. They also improve their skills in argumentation and public speaking by informing their approach to debating with the different skill sets and practices that their international peers offer them

Head of the Program

Manos Moschopoulos

Last Activities

18 July 2014

Call for participation: take part in conference ‘Speak Up for Tolerance’

The conference, to take place on 25-31 August at Euroclub, Solta, Croatia, aims at empowering young people to promote solidarity and tolerance taking part in active […]
20 December 2013

Students from Greece and FYR Macedonia debate together

Greece and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia have been in a dispute over the right to use the name Macedonia ever since the former Yugoslav’s […]