The Debating Society of Greece was founded by a group of experienced Greek debate trainers and organisers in order to provide debate training to young people in universities, schools and community centres, to run programmes that achieve social and cultural aims through communication and public speaking and to organise local and international debating tournaments. The organisation aims to help create a culture of dialogue in Greece at a time when the economic crisis, the subsequent austerity measures and the increasing polarisation of political discourse have led to the breakdown of the Greek social fabric and the rise of violent attacks on marginalised and vulnerable social groups.

Our Team

Norah Dimopoulou

Schools Programmes Officer

Norah is the Legal Counsellor of the Debating Society of Greece. She is an Attorney and a Member of the Patras Bar Association since 2012. She studied Law in Greece and holds a Master’s Degree in Consumer Protection and Competition Law from the Law Faculty of the University of Montpellier in France. Norah started debating in 2003, being a member of the winning team in the Students Debating Competition of the Greek Ministry of Education of the year. In 2004 she was placed in the top-ten speaker ranking of that same Competition in national level. Nora was a member of the University of Patras Debating Society and has participated in various Tournaments as a Debater or a Judge. She was also in the organizing team of Patras Open 2013. She is currently working in Luxembourg for the Court of Justice of the European Union and in Greece as an attorney and a professional actress.

Louiza Moti

Louiza started debating while in high school and continued as a university student. She has been active in competitive debate for the last years by winning the PanHellenic tournament of AUEB in 2013, participated in the finals of Patras Open and Thessaloniki Open and in a lot of other international tournaments. She is part of the organizing team of the AUEB debating society and has been involved in promoting debating within and outside of the University, organizing tournaments and communication with the University authorities. The last year she has been a CA and judge in a number of greek tournaments. Louiza studied Finance in Athens University of Economics and Business.

Manos Moschopoulos

Director of Outreach and International Programmes

Manos was the Best ESL Speaker at the World Universities Debating Championship in 2010 and has served as the Chief Adjudicator for a number of tournaments in Europe, Asia and Africa, having judged the finals of the European and World Universities Debating Championships. After working for 10 years as an organiser and trainer in Southeastern Europe, Manos worked in London as the International Programmes Officer of the International Debate Education Association having organised seminars, tournaments and outreach programmes in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Western Africa. Manos has studied communication, information systems and political science, is currently the coach of the Turkish national schools team and works as a consultant for educational and social programmes in Europe.

Katerina Karadimitri

Public Debates Officer

Katerina, the convenor of the Patras Open in 2013, is a Managing Partner of the Debating Society of Greece and the founder and coordinator of the University of Patras Debating Society, which was founded in 2009 and is the first and only university debating society of the city. Since 2010, Katerina has organized four national debating tournaments, which are recognised for their high quality and considered to be the best organized tournaments in Greece. She has debated extensively in Greece and been part of the adjudication core of national university tournaments over the past three years. She has also participated in school debating tournaments, offering workshops on debate skills and serving as a judge on multiple occasions. Katerina is finishing her Masters degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering.

Vassilis Tsipopoulos

Outreach Officer

Vassilis, the most recent Greek national debating champion, has served on the organising committee of the Edinburgh University Debates Union for four years, including serving one term as treasurer and two years as the coordinator of the Society’s training offerings. Vassilis has convened schools competitions for Edinburgh and has been the CA of university competitions for AUEB in Athens and AUTH in Thessaloniki. He was a finalist at the international Patras Open 2013, a quarterfinalist at Istanbul Open 2006 and the winner of five national debating competitions in Greece. Vassilis, who holds a degree in Mathematics from Edinburgh and an MBA from the Athens University of Economics and Business, currently works in Greece for a leading international architectural coatings firm.

Themis Markidis

Themis Markidis had his first debating experience in 2002 and kept debating throughout his secondary education both in English and Greek. He was also present at the 1st Panhellenic University Debate Championship, hosted at the Aristotelion University of Thessaoniki (AUTh) as a high school student, where he helped out as a dummy team, all on his own. After a brief pause in his involvement during his university studies in the US, upon his return to Greece he helped run and train AUTh’s Debating Club, while also participating in tournaments held in Greece, either as a contestant (with several distinctions) or as an adjudicator. Meanwhile he also coached teams from the 2nd Experimental Gymnasion of Thessaloniki and the 1st Gymnasion of Panorama. After his relocation to Athens in early 2014 he continued to be active in the Greek debating scene coaching both the Deree College debate team and the Pierce College team. He has studied Economics and International Relations and is currently working in Athens as a Junior Analyst in a leading investment company.

Vasilis Goumas

Vassilis Goumas loves debating! He has participated in numerous tournaments around Greece and Europe. Vassilis was the Convener for the Athens Open 2014 and several DEREE Invitationals. Vassilis is part of the media and contacts group for Thessaloniki WUDC 2016.